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Why Australia Has an Abundance of Minerals

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When compared with other nations, Australia has the highest number of mineral resources. Australia is endowed with a rich and extremely diverse mineral resources. It also has a highly skilled group of individuals with the right skills in geo science which reduces instances of risk during explorations for a variety of mineral. The following are a few reasons why it’s so much easier to find minerals in Australia. These include

  • An advanced exploration mining system
  • Better mining and processing technology
  • A highly intelligent and skilled work force
  • Better physical conditions which help during explorations
  • A lower population density

All of these allow for the modern mining processes with ease and Australia is easily able to produce the large number of resources to meet the needs of its community and the world as a whole.

The recent increase of population in china and India has led to an increase demand for these mineral resources. As a result daily explorations have been carried out in the recent years to find more mineral supplies available in Australia.

Australia is the number one nation excavating mineral like gold, iron ore, uranium, bauxite, zircon and diamonds as well. It is the third largest producer of uranium and the fourth of silver, nickel and black coal.

Australian mining regulations

The Australian mining regulations depend upon the Australian government. They make sure to ensure a number of mining, health and safety regulations. These are also responsible for collecting the mining royalties from companies involved in mineral excavation.

The impact of improved technology on mineral resources in Australia

Australia has an advanced set of mining techniques which includes the latest equipment and skills. This in turn has led to a lowering of cost for mining a variety of minerals. Carbon based leaching technologies for excavating gold have proved to be pretty successful.

Australia is the largest producer of minerals and is known to produce some 19 important mineral which are exported throughout the world. There are currently around 400 mines operating alone to provide the rich mineral resources.

History of mining in Australia

The mining history of Australia dates back to the eighteen hundreds. Coal was first mined in New castle. The gold rush was also a contributing factor in the history of Australian mining. In 1851 gold was found in New South Wales. A few weeks later gold was also discovered in Victoria. The gold rush made Australia the richest country amongst all other nations. As a result the population in Australia started to increase at an alarming rate. There was an influx of miners who had come to seek their luck finding gold as well. By the 19th century most of the gold mines of Australia had become exhausted. But somehow this started the explorations for various other minerals which were to be found in abundance in Australia. Minerals like iron ore, diamonds, aluminum, uranium and chromium are found in abundant quantities in Australia.

Most of the minerals discovered are exported to other countries, most of it to south Asian markets.