What is Safety Workwear for Mining

All You Need to Know About Safety Workwear

Safety workwear came in when the controls of administrative and engineering could not reduce various risks to an acceptable level. The control of these risks is in a hierarchy which tells you the type of risk or hazard, the body part that ought to be protected and the type of protective gear or work wear.

Therefore, in general, we can say that safety workwear includes the garments and other accessories that are designed to shield a worker from biohazards, airborne matters, electrical shocks, chemical corrosion, and heat. The main purpose why safety work wear is advocated is for maintenance of occupational safety and other health purposes.

If you are an employer, it is very crucial that your employees have some protective gears in your work place so as to avoid lawsuits in case one is hurt. It is therefore very critical to provide your workers with safety workwear for any working environment. As a matter of fact, when safety regulation officials visit your company or construction site, this is always the first thing they will check and you can be sued; and of course, your company, industry or construction site may be closed.

So avoid the shame of being sued and losses by providing your employees with safety workwear from https://iqssolutions.com.au/safety-workwear-brisbane. What are some of the examples of this workwear?

Examples of Safety Workwear

Safety workwear is simply anything that is used or is worn to minimize risk to employees’ health and safety. Some of the most common safety workwear include:

  • Face masks
  • Goggles
  • Boots e.g. gumboots
  • Sunscreen
  • Respirators
  • Gloves
  • Earplugs
  • Safety shoes
  • High visibility/brightly colored clothes
  • Hard hats

This workwear mostly works best when they are used to supplement a higher-level of safety control measures. It also works well when there are no other safety measures in place.

It is always advisable you carry out a risk assessment before relying fully on the safety workwear. In normal circumstances, they should be used as last resort, back up or interim. Where safety workwear is used, they must minimize risk to health and safety of the worker including considering the size and suitability of the equipment to the nature of work being done.

Safety workwear should also be maintained, repaired and replaced in case they are worn out. Besides the equipment should be clean, hygienic and in a very good working conditions. This workwear should be used by the worker as long as they are reasonably practicable.

What Are the Importance of Safety Workwear

According to Regulations as a worker, you should wear the safety workwear in accordance to their training; you should not intentionally damage your safety workwear. In addition, you should always let the management know any damage or defect of your wear.

Some of the benefits of having safety workwear include:

  • Respirator work wear protects employees from contaminated air. It is usually used in a room where there is inadequate ventilation. As an employer provide masks to you workers
  • Some of the dangerous chemical agents cause skin infection like skin cancer. In addition, UV light, solar radiations, and very high temperatures usually cause some damages on the skin. Therefore, wearing safety workwear will help you avoid such problems as a result of the above
  • Eye injuries usually take place in work places especially when dirt particles, thermal agents and chemical enter the eye. Always wear eye protection and face shields.
  • Noise usually damage the ears that why you need ear workwear for protection.
  • Finally having the right foot protection workwear helps you avoid foot injuries.

In conclusion, if you are an employer, you are supposed to be doing a regular and thorough risk assessment in the workplace so as to be aware of any hazard and the nature of the risk. Make sure that your workers are in a serene working environment always.



MYAIR – Keep you cool in the Mines

MYAIR Systems

Do I need MYAIR?

Some people don’t know if they need a MYAIR machine. Well, this type of unit is usually for those with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that consists of a person who stops and starts breathing throughout the night, which can be a potentially dangerous issue. If you have sleep apnea, more than likely your doctor has already spoken with you about a MYAIR machine. If you feel you have sleep apnea and have not talked with your doctor make sure to bring it to their attention immediately and get the care you need. The electrician may perform many tests and do a few labs to check your breathing and to confirm or deny your concern of having sleep apnea. Once the doctor has made the decision, this issue can last a lifetime or a few years. Starting the treatment as soon as possible is better.


It is essential to implement your MYAIR unit as soon as possible. But of course, before you do speak with your electrician about all your options available to you. Research is always a great place to start and before taking any opportunity on alone, talk with your electrical contractor. The care and treatment with a MYAIR machine have opened up to a lot of different options to you. Some things our there are for either your comfort, your partners comfort or for convenience. Some machines come with an application that helps you track your sleeping habits, let you know where things can be improved, and give you educational tools to help you help yourself. Some of the best applications available track your sleeping habits and score it and other things and suggest things to improve. Some MYAIR units have their own app that you can download and sync up with them to keep track of all this information. Some of the best, make recommendations to stay compliant and provide comfort so that you can get the best sleep possible.


Of course, when it comes to the face mask and other parts of a MYAIR machine that is for you for comfort, it depends on how you sleep. They have mask online that is for those who toss and turn in their sleep, masks for those who sleep on their backs and masks for those who sleep on their stomachs.
Some MYAIR machines can be big and bulky, for every night home use and others are smaller for those who travel. Size of the device itself has improved with the advances in technology.
When looking into what MYAIR you want, the information included with most of them is the sounds levels of it. The sound is a good thing to keep in mind when you purchase one for your home in consideration for not only yourself but your significant other or anyone who may be sharing a room with you.
Whenever you consider the type of machine and features you want with your MYAIR, always try to purchase the one that is right for you. A quiet, small, comfortable and within your budget is always a great place to start when searching for the right MYAIR for you. Of course, SwitchPress Electrical will be a great resource on where to begin the search and can make great recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs.


Excavator Tracks for Mining


What You Need to Know About Rubber Excavator Tracks

Excavators are also known as earth moving machines employed for use in construction work such as digging, transportation of construction material from one site to the other, demolitions etc. There are various critical components of excavators which all work together seamlessly to achieve the purpose for which they are built. One such component of these machines is their tracks known as excavator tracks.

Excavator tracks form part of the undercarriage system and are made of specially manufactured steel or rubber pads; their sole responsibility is to aid the excavator to move back and forth on rough terrain. Excavator tracks usually come in steel or rubber, and construction companies make the choice based on the type of terrain they are used on. For instance, a site with muddy earth/marshland, stones, rocks or flat earth will determine whether a steel or rubber track will be ideal.

Where can you purchase them?

There are virtual sellers offering various types of excavator tracks by sizes, types, brand new or slightly used, by brand etc. Additionally there are also well known brand retailers in Australia who have set up shop offering the potential buyer the opportunity to walk in and have a look at the varieties of machines with a sales attendant on hand to answer any questions. Common concerns potential buyers would have include the type whether steel or rubber and which would be more ideal for the terrain being worked on, the size/measurements required, specifications, after sales service etc. It helps to have these clarified especially more so if an online purchase is preferred. Also, in the case of purchasing a previously used machine, it is important to address issues such as the condition of the chains or rubber pads, life expectancy, any missing bolts and nuts etc.


In terms of costs, a few factors need to be considered before a price is arrived at; a buyer/seller would look at the number of hours the machine has been put to use (in the case of previously owned ones). There would also be critical examination of its various parts in terms of wear and tear, as well determining whether the buyer wants to rent or buy it outright. Excavator tracks are averagely priced in the ranges of $800 and $2000. Varying prices will of course be dependent on the type, either rubber or steel.


Typically excavators are built to last between 7,000 and 12,000 machine hours. This however depends on the frequency of use and maintenance. For real value for money and optimum undercarriage performance, there’s the need for maintenance; regular inspection of its components such as bolts and nuts, track tension, rock guards/rollers etc. is critical. The undercarriage area must be cleaned after every construction shift; mud and debris must be cleaned off as caked material embedded in crevices can interfere with continued smooth performance. A build-up of material can also add unwanted weight thereby reducing economical use of fuel. It is also found that sticking to appropriate digging procedures helps; what do we mean? These are outlined in the owner’s manual; following basic instructions goes a long way in reducing the burden of rather expensive replacement costs of excavator undercarriages.

Earth moving machines no doubt play a critical role in infrastructural development; these machines have contributed immensely to modern building technology we see in the 21st century. The building of these machines can only improve with time and with more complex operating systems in the near future.




Keeping Safe in the Mines

Health and Safety Equipment

For those who work in sectors and occupations like agriculture, mining, ship breaking and chemical factories staying safe at work is essential. These are potential threatening work place where the safety of an individual can be greatly compromised if proper safety standards are not followed.

The following are some tips from the experts in health and safety equipment from Brisbane to help you stay safe at work.

Buying the right protective gear

The first concern of anyone working in a safety compromise sector should be to buy the right protection gear. This means their clothes, boots and equipment should be such that it helps keeps them completely safe. You would need to buy the safety gear from a well-known health and safety equipment shop in Brisbane. Make sure you buy clothes which fit well and are recommended by the experts in your professional field. Never compromise on quality by going for cheaper stuff, in the end it’s all about your safety and you need to be very careful when it comes to choosing the right safety gear.

Make sure you stay vigilant

Before you start working in any place you would be given the right kind of training to work in these situations. Make sure you attend the training so you can work in a professional manner as well.

  • When working at a height make sure your harness is attached the proper way. Also make sure you use the safety bolts at all times. In case of an emergency don’t hesitate to alert the safety department.
  • For those working in electrical conditions there is a greater chance of an accidental death due to electrocution. Be aware of any overhead wires or loose wiring lying about on the ground. Wear the right boots and helmets to stay safe.
  • When using the safety gear always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. These guidelines are aimed at making individuals aware of the proper ways and methods of using the protection gear.

The major concern of most employers is preventing any injury or illness a worker might incur while working on a hazardous site. Failure to offer complete protection could result in heavy losses incurred due to insurance claims and lost working hours. Finding new recruitment’s as substitutes and general loss of productivity. There could be a great many risks associated with working in a hazardous environment. Some of these risks include

  • collapsing during excavation
  • explosions during chemical leaks
  • heat and cold burns due to exposure
  • noise pollution
  • temperature extremities
  • weather conditions like snow fall and rain usually which workers who work outdoors are exposed to

However, all these hazards can be managed with the use of the right safety work wear. The key is to find an apparel which is tailor made for your particular job. Any safety shop in Brisbane would be able to cater to these needs. Just make sure you try the gear before making a purchase.


Acoustic Silencers for Mining

What are Acoustic Silencers?

When it comes to reducing the noise that is generated by airflow, it becomes tricky for many domestic homes since you have to deter the air flow. However, many industries and plants have adopted sound silencers as the way out of minimizing the sound yet maintaining the air flow intact. Fortunately, the Australian market is rich in dealers of this noise reduction equipment who will gladly help you out when it comes to the selection of the silencer that suits your premises needs.

How an Acoustic Silencer Work

You may have learnt that sound travels in waves and the essence of acoustic silencers is to confine those waves and channel them through its duct. If you have been in wondering how you can turn your noisy office, house or industry into a quiet environment yet well ventilated, you got a solution; just install an acoustic silencer.

The duct of the silencer functions as a barrier preventing the larger amount of noise from escaping nevertheless there is some normal breakout noise. The amount of noise absorbed by the silencer depends on its silencer media, the open vacuum of the silencer, its length and the materials that have been used. Immediately after the sound has entered the silencer in form of waves, it expands heading to the acoustic media due to the perforations in the baffle.

There are numerous air pockets in the acoustic media which enhance molecules colliding so as to produce heat. Hence there is noise reduction in the process. The longer your duct is, the more the noise reduction can be achieved nevertheless you may increase the pressure drop. There should be a balanced pressure between the pressure drop allowed by your fan or the source of the noise and the level of resistance that the airflow creates in the silencer.

Application of Acoustic Silencers

The application of the silencer is one of the major deciding factors of the choice of the material and the specifications of your silencer. However, that should never worry you as long as you are in Australia where there are qualified engineers to advise you on the most suitable standard product tailored to suit your need. They come in different sizes, finishes, shapes, and even connection details. Most of the acoustic silencers come in two shapes: rectangular and circular.

The following are the major places where these silencers can be applied:

  • Industrial process plant
  • In boilers
  • In furnace plants
  • In incinerators and crematories
  • In diesel engine exhaust systems
  • Gas turbine and power generation plant
  • Ducted ventilation
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Ventilation discharges and also intakes
  • Reactive silencers
  • Compressors
  • Refrigeration plant

In industrial plants, acoustic silencers are used in the internal combustion engine exhausts, compressors, in pumps, and blowers etc. in addition to the reduction in the noise, the designs of these silencers take into account the volume of the air flow and the pressure. They should in no way affect the normal functioning of the industrial processes.

There are customisation and flexibility when it comes to these silencers. That’s why there are different models and shapes that satisfy differing noise, space and airflow requirements. Besides rectangular and circular acoustic silencers which are the most common, we have elbow or bent attenuators and crosstalk silencers. They come in different colours and appealing finishes. They can be made of either stainless steel or aluminium which is dependent on your environment. You don’t have any reason to lose your hearing; just apply acoustic silencers and you will be safe. These are part of Australian exhaust technology.

Fleet Solutions

Fleet Solutions – For Mining Companies

Getting the right fleet solutions is crucial for any company which wants to excel in business. Sometimes people mistake only a few solutions like GPS management or vehicle loaning as complete fleet solutions. This is the case. If you are looking for the perfect fleet solutions you need to make sure that you have got the right package deal. The right deal starts from GPS management, the right vehicles for your work purpose and management of those vehicles as well.

When looking for the right fleet solutions make sure you consider all of the following.

Fleet consultation and auditing

This is a basic look at the kind of fleet that you possess, how you use it and what else would you need to make your fleet excel at the work which you do. The solution for each company varies and what may suit one business wouldn’t be right for the other. The audit helps you understand what is required and what should be disposed of. It’s the first step in any fleet management solution.

Vehicle acquisition

So you need new vehicles for your fleet. The right fleet management service would help you find the exact vehicle required by your business. They would help you lease those vehicles and also get rid of the old vehicles which have stopped being of use.

Renting the right vehicles and equipment

You need to find vehicles which are low rental yet provide you with all the necessary work. The right fleet management service helps you find such vehicles at lower rent. The right vehicles with the right kind of technology instilled in them can help make things easier for your business.

Things to keep in mind when renting vehicles

  • Rentals are not supposed to be like a lease, you shouldn’t be locked into any kind of agreement.
  • You should be aware of all kind of back end charges.
  • The contract should clearly state whether the vehicle can be driven out of state or not
  • Are you getting the right kind of mileage from the vehicles which you have rented? Old vehicles might not give as much mileage a new ones.
  • Does the contract of the rent contain the clause that the price can be altered at any time? It’s really important to give a look to all the fine print mentioned in the contract if you want to avoid the nasty surprises later on.

All these things are important if you are considering renting vehicles for your fleet.

Finding the right fleet management service

So how do you go about finding the right mining utility fleet solutions? It’s simple, just go for someone who offers you complete fleet solutions. Whether you are looking for the right GPS equipment to help manage your fleet or you are looking for a completely new set of vehicles, the company should offer all these services and you shouldn’t need to go from one company to another for each service.

If you are looking for the best fleet solutions, make sure you contact an Australian Supplier.


Why Australia Has an Abundance of Minerals

Science Globe

When compared with other nations, Australia has the highest number of mineral resources. Australia is endowed with a rich and extremely diverse mineral resources. It also has a highly skilled group of individuals with the right skills in geo science which reduces instances of risk during explorations for a variety of mineral. The following are a few reasons why it’s so much easier to find minerals in Australia. These include

  • An advanced exploration mining system
  • Better mining and processing technology
  • A highly intelligent and skilled work force
  • Better physical conditions which help during explorations
  • A lower population density

All of these allow for the modern mining processes with ease and Australia is easily able to produce the large number of resources to meet the needs of its community and the world as a whole.

The recent increase of population in china and India has led to an increase demand for these mineral resources. As a result daily explorations have been carried out in the recent years to find more mineral supplies available in Australia.

Australia is the number one nation excavating mineral like gold, iron ore, uranium, bauxite, zircon and diamonds as well. It is the third largest producer of uranium and the fourth of silver, nickel and black coal.

Australian mining regulations

The Australian mining regulations depend upon the Australian government. They make sure to ensure a number of mining, health and safety regulations. These are also responsible for collecting the mining royalties from companies involved in mineral excavation.

The impact of improved technology on mineral resources in Australia

Australia has an advanced set of mining techniques which includes the latest equipment and skills. This in turn has led to a lowering of cost for mining a variety of minerals. Carbon based leaching technologies for excavating gold have proved to be pretty successful.

Australia is the largest producer of minerals and is known to produce some 19 important mineral which are exported throughout the world. There are currently around 400 mines operating alone to provide the rich mineral resources.

History of mining in Australia

The mining history of Australia dates back to the eighteen hundreds. Coal was first mined in New castle. The gold rush was also a contributing factor in the history of Australian mining. In 1851 gold was found in New South Wales. A few weeks later gold was also discovered in Victoria. The gold rush made Australia the richest country amongst all other nations. As a result the population in Australia started to increase at an alarming rate. There was an influx of miners who had come to seek their luck finding gold as well. By the 19th century most of the gold mines of Australia had become exhausted. But somehow this started the explorations for various other minerals which were to be found in abundance in Australia. Minerals like iron ore, diamonds, aluminum, uranium and chromium are found in abundant quantities in Australia.

Most of the minerals discovered are exported to other countries, most of it to south Asian markets.