Iron Ore Mining

Iron Ore Mining in Australia

Iron is one of the most abundant metals found on earth. It makes up for the 5% of the earth’s crust. Iron has become the most indispensable metal for today’s world. The metallic iron is excavated from iron ore. The ore is usually found in the form of heamatite or magnetite. Iron ore mining is a major industry in Australia.

Iron ore is excavated from the Hamersely Province in Western Australia. There are about three types of deposits. Enrichment deposits which compromise mainly of hematite and goethite. These are the most important kind of iron ore in terms of excavation. Then there are the paleo channel deposit which consist of limonite and are only next in importance to the enrichment deposits. The detrital ore is however of a lower grade when compared to the above mentioned.

In Australia 90% of the excavated in Western Australia. The excavated ore is sent to crushing and screening plants. Almost around three hundred ton of ore is excavated and sent to factories for refining.

Refining Process for iron ore

  • Concentration processes are carried out for refining the iron ore. It compromises mainly of benefaction. The benefaction process helps improve the grade and properties of iron products.
  • Another treatment is pelletising. This is used for very fine or powdery kind of ore. The pellets of ore are out in a blast furnace.
  • Another process is Sintering which is used after the ore is put through the blast furnace. It incorporates crushed lime stone, coke and other minerals.

Uses of iron

Iron has many uses. Some of these include the following

  • Though iron rusts easily it is considered as one of the most important metal and makes up for 0% of metals used in factories and for everyday use as well.
  • Major quantity of iron is used for the processing of steel. Steel is more resistant to corrosion and is sued to make a variety of things raging from home utensils to the ore complicated machines used in factories.
  • Cast iron which contains about three to five percent carbon is uses to make pipes and pumps as well as valves. Though it isn’t as sturdy and tough as steel but its considerably cheaper.
  • Iron is also used to make magnets. Iron is even used to produce ammonia.
  • In fact there are biological uses of iron as well. It is used as medication in the form of ferrous fumerate and ferrous sulfate. It can be taken in liquid form as well as tablets.
  • Home and construction materials are made from iron as well. From things like cooking utensils to building and construction material. It is used in the foundations and roofs of buildings.
  • The pistons, wires and wheel bearings of automobiles are made from iron. Iron has magnetic properties which makes it ideal to be used for electrical equipment.
  • Iron is used in fencing and boundaries as well. When compared with other metals, iron is durable and also costs a great deal less.

Iron has aductile strength which allows it to bar the heavy weight with ease.