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What is Safety Workwear for Mining

All You Need to Know About Safety Workwear

Safety workwear came in when the controls of administrative and engineering could not reduce various risks to an acceptable level. The control of these risks is in a hierarchy which tells you the type of risk or hazard, the body part that ought to be protected and the type of protective gear or work wear.

Therefore, in general, we can say that safety workwear includes the garments and other accessories that are designed to shield a worker from biohazards, airborne matters, electrical shocks, chemical corrosion, and heat. The main purpose why safety work wear is advocated is for maintenance of occupational safety and other health purposes.

If you are an employer, it is very crucial that your employees have some protective gears in your work place so as to avoid lawsuits in case one is hurt. It is therefore very critical to provide your workers with safety workwear for any working environment. As a matter of fact, when safety regulation officials visit your company or construction site, this is always the first thing they will check and you can be sued; and of course, your company, industry or construction site may be closed.

So avoid the shame of being sued and losses by providing your employees with safety workwear from What are some of the examples of this workwear?

Examples of Safety Workwear

Safety workwear is simply anything that is used or is worn to minimize risk to employees’ health and safety. Some of the most common safety workwear include:

  • Face masks
  • Goggles
  • Boots e.g. gumboots
  • Sunscreen
  • Respirators
  • Gloves
  • Earplugs
  • Safety shoes
  • High visibility/brightly colored clothes
  • Hard hats

This workwear mostly works best when they are used to supplement a higher-level of safety control measures. It also works well when there are no other safety measures in place.

It is always advisable you carry out a risk assessment before relying fully on the safety workwear. In normal circumstances, they should be used as last resort, back up or interim. Where safety workwear is used, they must minimize risk to health and safety of the worker including considering the size and suitability of the equipment to the nature of work being done.

Safety workwear should also be maintained, repaired and replaced in case they are worn out. Besides the equipment should be clean, hygienic and in a very good working conditions. This workwear should be used by the worker as long as they are reasonably practicable.

What Are the Importance of Safety Workwear

According to Regulations as a worker, you should wear the safety workwear in accordance to their training; you should not intentionally damage your safety workwear. In addition, you should always let the management know any damage or defect of your wear.

Some of the benefits of having safety workwear include:

  • Respirator work wear protects employees from contaminated air. It is usually used in a room where there is inadequate ventilation. As an employer provide masks to you workers
  • Some of the dangerous chemical agents cause skin infection like skin cancer. In addition, UV light, solar radiations, and very high temperatures usually cause some damages on the skin. Therefore, wearing safety workwear will help you avoid such problems as a result of the above
  • Eye injuries usually take place in work places especially when dirt particles, thermal agents and chemical enter the eye. Always wear eye protection and face shields.
  • Noise usually damage the ears that why you need ear workwear for protection.
  • Finally having the right foot protection workwear helps you avoid foot injuries.

In conclusion, if you are an employer, you are supposed to be doing a regular and thorough risk assessment in the workplace so as to be aware of any hazard and the nature of the risk. Make sure that your workers are in a serene working environment always.