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Keeping Safe in the Mines

Health and Safety Equipment

For those who work in sectors and occupations like agriculture, mining, ship breaking and chemical factories staying safe at work is essential. These are potential threatening work place where the safety of an individual can be greatly compromised if proper safety standards are not followed.

The following are some tips from the experts in health and safety equipment from Brisbane to help you stay safe at work.

Buying the right protective gear

The first concern of anyone working in a safety compromise sector should be to buy the right protection gear. This means their clothes, boots and equipment should be such that it helps keeps them completely safe. You would need to buy the safety gear from a well-known health and safety equipment shop in Brisbane. Make sure you buy clothes which fit well and are recommended by the experts in your professional field. Never compromise on quality by going for cheaper stuff, in the end it’s all about your safety and you need to be very careful when it comes to choosing the right safety gear.

Make sure you stay vigilant

Before you start working in any place you would be given the right kind of training to work in these situations. Make sure you attend the training so you can work in a professional manner as well.

  • When working at a height make sure your harness is attached the proper way. Also make sure you use the safety bolts at all times. In case of an emergency don’t hesitate to alert the safety department.
  • For those working in electrical conditions there is a greater chance of an accidental death due to electrocution. Be aware of any overhead wires or loose wiring lying about on the ground. Wear the right boots and helmets to stay safe.
  • When using the safety gear always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. These guidelines are aimed at making individuals aware of the proper ways and methods of using the protection gear.

The major concern of most employers is preventing any injury or illness a worker might incur while working on a hazardous site. Failure to offer complete protection could result in heavy losses incurred due to insurance claims and lost working hours. Finding new recruitment’s as substitutes and general loss of productivity. There could be a great many risks associated with working in a hazardous environment. Some of these risks include

  • collapsing during excavation
  • explosions during chemical leaks
  • heat and cold burns due to exposure
  • noise pollution
  • temperature extremities
  • weather conditions like snow fall and rain usually which workers who work outdoors are exposed to

However, all these hazards can be managed with the use of the right safety work wear. The key is to find an apparel which is tailor made for your particular job. Any safety shop in Brisbane would be able to cater to these needs. Just make sure you try the gear before making a purchase.