Australian Worldwide Exploration


Australian World Wide Exploration produces oil and gas in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. They are working towards building a sustainable future, so that the outcomes are positive and would benefit the community as a whole.

It’s a known fact that energy is of ultimate use to humans, be it something as simple as household chores like cooking and washing to something as complex as manufacturing of goods. In order to ensure that society develops in the best possible way, it’s important to focus on improving sustainability using natural resources.

AWE has a diverse portfolio of exploration, development and production of assets in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. The company was established in 1997 and is based in Sydney. The project office is in Perth and representative offices are present in New Zealand and Indonesia.

The four producing assets of AWE are as follows:

Bass Gas Project

Located in the Bass Basin in South Eastern Australia, it produces gas, condensate and LPG from fields located in Bass Strait stretching across Victoria and Tasmania. The gas is conveyed from a pipeline located at bass between Victoria and Tasmania. The product is transferred from Yola to a processing facility in Victoria.

The project commenced in 2011 and is near completion now.

The casino gas project

The Australian World Wide exploration has a 25% interest in the Casino gas project located in the Otway Basin. The Gas extracted from the Casino, Henry and Netherby gas fields is produced in subsea wells which are connected by pipelines. The pipeline had been drilled under the shore line to protect the sensitive coastal areas.

Onshore Perth Basin

The Australian Worldwide exploration and its subsidiary has been carrying out operation in the Northern Perth basin for more than a decade. There has been a great deal of development in oil fields and commercial gas fields during this time period. The gas which is produced is processed primarily at Dongara or at Origin operated in Beharra springs. The Waitsia gas field was discovered in September 2014. It is considered the largest gas discovery in Australia in the past 30 years.

The Waitsia gas project

The Watisia gas project is in the developmental and appraisal stage. The project is located on the pastoral land of Shire of Irwin. The field was discovered in 2014. It is considered as the largest onshore gas discovery in Australia.

It is located in the mid-western region in Australia, which has been continuously supplying gas to Perth for the last forty five years.

Ande Ande Lumut Oil Project

The Ande Ande oil project is AWE’s largest developing oil project. It is currently in its developmental phase. Thirty three wells are to be installed in this one of a kind project.

The AWE has been operating for more than fifty years in Australia and it is committed to bring about safe, reliable and continuous energy. It also provides a safe and efficient work place for its employees. It is a combination of creative genius, innovative strategies and efficient team work.